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Certified Specialist-Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law

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  • How Much does Estate Planning Cost?

    The peace of mind you receive from estate planning, ahead in life, is priceless.
    2016-08-25 06:24:28
  • What Does Probate Mean?

    Probate is the legal process that has to take place after someone passes.
    2016-08-25 06:21:32
  • What is Estate Planning?

    Estate planning is the ultimate planning ahead process in life. It is ensuring that your wants are known and put into effect after you pass.
    2016-08-25 06:19:52
  • What is a Will?

    A will is a legal document that contains your wishes pertaining to the distributing of your property and other affairs to be handled up on your passing.
    2016-08-25 06:20:27
  • When Do I Need a Will?

    The question, ultimately, is not when do you need a will, but when will you make time to create your will.
    2016-08-25 06:22:41
  • What is a Trust?

    A Trust is a legal document that works like a will, but in a different way.
    2016-08-25 06:20:53
  • 5 Quick Tips for Estate Planning

    Though it may seem a bit unnerving to have to plan life after you pass, it is also very important to so this. Let us make it a little easier for you with our 5 Quick Tips for Estate Planning.
    2016-08-25 06:25:26
  • What is a Living Trust?

    A living trust is a written legal document that places your assets into a trust for your own personal benefit during your lifetime.
    2016-08-25 06:23:26
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